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SHORTON ARGENTINA S.R.L. It`s an Argentine company with 100% family capital, founded by its own owners, who have the experience of being the second generation of a “Family dedicated to the production of natural bovine, swine and sheep guts”.

Currently we find one of the most prestigious companies at the National Level in the production of natural guts with a presence in the National and International Market.



40 years of experience in the Research, development, production and marketing of Natural and Artificial Guts.



We work with national producers, supervising them, with our own staff, to meet our objective of achieving and maintaining excellent quality. We also are direct importers of spices of origin.


Natural Products and Additives

At Shorton Argentina SRL, we have developed a wide range natural flavors and additives for sausages and all kinds of cold meats and cold cuts, under our brand INTESHOR.®


Miscellaneous Supplies

We focus our policy on supplying the sausage producer with all the necessary supplies for the elaboration of chacinaados.

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Pedro Oppici 1335 – 2124
Villa Gobernador Gálvez. Santa Fe, Argentina.


Phone/Fax: +54 341 492 9390/89
Whatsapp +54 9 341 3914728

E-mail: julianl@shortonargentina.com.ar

Shorton Argentina SRL | Establecimiento Industrial Productor y Exportador de Tripas Naturales Saladas Vacunas, Ovinas y Porcinas.

Importador de Tripas Artificiales, Porcinas, Especias y Aditivos Alimentarios. Elaboración de Integrales y Aditivos.